Переводческое агентство в Алматы


Our professional interpreters perform high quality interpretation at negotiations and conferences of any level.

In the course of consecutive interpretation the interpreter translates the spoken during pauses made by the speaker. This is the most spread way of interpretation used at practically all business meetings, negotiations, technical conferences, etc.

Factors favoring successful rendering the services are:
- Placing the order beforehand;
- Submitting subject information materials for the insight and direction of forthcoming work;
- Overtime (works exceeding 8 hours within one day) is payable according to hourly rates;
- Payment shall be made for the full time of the interpreter’s stay at the customer’s disposal. Time of the interpreter’s factual arrival to the meeting point with the customer within Almaty city is considered as starting time of the work;
- Early notification regarding cancellation or adjournment of the event (in 36 hours).

Prices for interpretation