Переводческое агентство в Алматы

Written translation

We provide the written translations from/to foreign languages of any subjects, including the following:

Written translation of documents of general character - business and private correspondence, diplomas, passports, qualifications, inquiries, certificates etc.;

Written economic translation - scientific papers, economic forecasts etc.;

Written bank translation – investment memorandums, foreign exchange regulation, financing reports, service contracts etc.;

Written financial translation - accounting reports, balance sheets etc.;

Written legal translation - contracts, agreements, powers of attorney, tender offers, constituent and registration documents, certificates etc.;

Written technical translation - the project and standard documentation, operating instructions, instructions on erection, equipment adjusting and repair, catalogs of equipment and materials etc.;

Written medical translation – inquiries, case records, articles, translation of medical equipment manuals, translations in the area of pharmaceutics, surgery, genetic engineering etc.;

Translation of oil and gas documentation - preparation of bid packages, translation of oil and gas-field development documents, translation of accident prevention documents, maintenance and repair of the oil and gas equipment, translation of economic and legal documents of the oil and gas industry etc.

Prices for written translation of documents